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Monday, June 17, 2019
Team Pages
Clifton Stallions Red Bulls
U9 Boca Juniors White
U9 Boca Juniors Blue
U9 Chelsea- Galarza
U10 Spartans Marsilla
U10 Warriors- Coastal
U11 United - Nash
U12 Hawks - Coastal
U13 Turf Boys - Coastal
U13 Strikers - Coastal
U14 - Crush - Peralta
U14- Fahrenheit - Naseef
U16 Boys Blue Devils
U17-Ajax - Ugarte
U19-Chelsea - Galarza
U20 Gus
U20 Blue - Arcentales
U 23 Men's-Stampede-Marsilla
U11 - Cardillo-Coastal
U13 Panduro
U14 - Cardillo - Coastal
U19 Cardillo - White Coastal
U19 Cardillo - Blue Coastal
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Code of Conduct
Travel Team Payment Sheet
Field Directions

Travel Program
The Clifton Stallions Traveling Soccer Program is one of the area’s most competitive traveling soccer programs. Whether you are on a U19 or a U8 team, you are now part of the proud soccer tradition of the Clifton Stallions. The traveling program is a step up from the Recreation Soccer program and is more competitive with games being played across North Jersey.


  1. Our Home Jerseys are Blue

    Our Away Jerseys are White

  2. All Tonight's Tryouts are Cancelled and Rescheduled for Saturday 10AM at ASP Field 718 Clifton Ave
  3. Please Remember: No Gatorade or Food on Turf Fields. Parents belong on bleacher's sides, No Parents are allowed on Players Side of the field, unless directed by the coach
  4. Please click this link for ALL Tryout Information

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