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Frequently Asked Questions for the  Recreation Program

My child's Team seems too large, can they be split up to smaller groups?

The size of the teams is determined by the number of players enrolled in the program for that particular season. It also depends on how many volunteers we have to be coaches.  

Why do the coaches switch? Can we have the same coach as last season?

Each season the club has over 1000 team requests that players want to be on. We understand that players may or may not want to stay with the same team/coach. We do our best to accommodate each request. We understand the desire for consistency and we do try our best to accommodate everyone. 

Why are there children of different ages/grade levels on my child's team?

The recreation program is split up by grades.   4yo Kickers, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th/8th
Players are NOT allowed to play down at any time.
Playing up to a higher grade can only be approved by the Board of Directors and is rarely done. 

Why is the season only 8 weeks long, I wish it was 10!

The length of the season is determined by many factors and extending the season is generally not possible due to limited availability of field space and other events on the Clifton Recreation calendar. 

Can you get coaches that are more knowledgeable about soccer?

Parent coaches are volunteers.  We always look for experienced volunteers but they do not always volunteer. If you know of more experienced parents please encourage them to volunteer to be a coach.

Why are parents not allowed on the turf fields?

Parents need to stay off the turf fields during practices and games for the safety of all involved. The coaches are responsible for the players on the field and when too many adults are present, authority becomes an issue.  We always have the players best interest in mind. 

I'd love a chance to chat with some board members outside of soccer day. How can I experience better communication with board members?

The Clifton Stallions Soccer Club Board members are present each Saturday during the recreation soccer season and are open to conversations with parents and players.

I wish we were given information about schedules, times, team info earlier than a few weeks before so we can plan better.

The game schedules are posted on the Clifton Stallions Soccer Club website for all to see.  With the amount of players the recreation program has, many factors go into the process. Sometimes it may be that we are waiting for permits or more volunteers. Please be patient for the schedules to be released. 

I wish rosters were handed out to the coaches sooner before the season starts.

The sharing of team specific information (rosters as an example) is dictated by the rules of ASP that we need to follow. We attempt to keep registration open as late as possible to ensure all families that want to participate have the opportunity to register. The club has over 1000 players in the recreation program and we need to organize coaches, schedules, teams, etc. 

What team is my child going to be on?

The coaches receive their roster approximately 10 days prior to the season opening day.  Coaches are informed to contact the parents within a few days. Coaches are also volunteers that work full time. We are thankful to all those that volunteer for the club.

Are there trophies for the kids?

All Kindergarten/1st grade recreation players receive participation awards.
2nd/3rd grade winners for 1st and 2nd place will receive awards.
4th/5th grade winners for 1st and 2nd place will receive awards.
6th/7th/8th grade winners for 1st and 2nd place will receive awards.

Is it possible to keep the same team together for the next season?

Teams are not kept together for the following seasons. Some players leave the system, new players come in, coaches change and players schedules change. With the amount of players in the program, it is not always feasible to keep the teams together. 

Registration is closed, but I did not know about it. Can I register late? Where is the registration posted?

Late registration is only performed if we have openings in a particular division. With the amount of registrations done on time, it would not be fair to allow everyone to register late.  Registration is always posted on the website, face book page and with lawn signs around ASP Field. 


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